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The Art of Tea

Over a 100 teas from 9 different countries

Since its discovery in the third century B.C., tea has been a significant historic and cultural link across the world. In China, tea inspired a prolific literary tradition. In Japan, it is an integral part of Zen rituals and self-cultivation. In Britain, tea is the center of social gatherings and relaxation. Today, tea has become a true universal beverage for its versatility of flavor and health benefits.


ZenCha Tea Salon delivers these grand traditions as the first specialty tea service in Central Ohio. We were established with the mission of promoting international tea arts, specialty tea products and varied cultural activities. We offer a quaint museum-like setting with a modern Zen-style interior. Here is an elegant, relaxed environment where you an spend quality time with yourself, your friends or family. On display is stunning, one of the kind tea ware handcrafted by international artisans.


Allow ZenCha Tea salon to begin your journey of tea culture exploration...


The Art of Food

Quality, freshness, and proper preparation are all things that come to mind when making a good cup of tea. Our staff of formally trained culinary professionals applies these same ideals to the food they craft at ZenCha. We make all our dishes in house, by hand, using only the highest quality ingredients available. The result is a dish that is nothing short of exceptional, with the balanced flavors and delicate refinement that you have come to expect from your favorite teas at ZenCha. They are the perfect complement to your cup, and a true moment of Zen enjoyment.


While our dishes range from traditional appetizers, soups and salads, entrees, and desserts, each has been carefully created to pair to a specific region of teas, or infused with tea ingredients. The flavors of our culinary presentations are inspired by the cuisines of major tea countries including China, Japan, South East Asia, India, Britain, and the United States. Our talented Tea Ambassadors will help match your tastes in tea with a dish that will best compliment your palate. Whether you want hand rolled Vegetable Dumplings or freshly made Onigiri for a taste of the Far East, something as American as Apple Pie, or maybe something in between, ZenCha can complete your tea exploration experience.

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